School Emblem

St. Thomas Schools are commited to the cause of nation building,by ensuring ethical,moral,aesthetic and intellectual development of the child.The school emblem is a unique coalescence of symbols that gesticulate the essence of education.

The motto of the school, "LIGHT TO ENLIGHTEN' reflects the prime objective, of education, education that should light up the soul of every student so that he feels an innate desire to enlighten himself and his surrounding thereby contributing to the betterment and upliftment of the society.

The most important feature of the emblem is the open book which is a universally accepted symbol of knowledge; knowledge that enlightens and ennobles the soul of a student; knowledge that is not merely 'bookish' but more 'humane' and 'pragmatic'; knowledge, the foundation of which, is firmly based on sound ethical and moral values.

The lighted candles on either side, is yet another widely acclaimed symbol of self-sacrifice and selflessness. It also symbolizes the satiating and blissful journey from the darkness of ignorance and illiteracy towards the light of knowledge, through the path of sacrifice.

The dove is an unquestionable symbol of universal peace, harmony and brotherhood. The dove may also symbolize humility that should be achieved through the attainment of true knowledge. The spread out wings and the upward flight of the dove show the readiness or zest to take flight towards the zenith of success and glory.

The stars motivate the students to shine brilliantly on the attainment of knowledge and disseminate the light of knowledge around him. The four colours of stars represent the four houses: viz Aravali, Himalaya, Nilgiri & Vindhya.

The emblem is a humble yet vivid depiction of the inevitable role of God and education in every man's life.