Scheme of Examination and Promotion


The students of these classes will be assessed on the basis of their performance all through the academic session. There will be four cycle tests of 25 marks each (5 oral + 20 written). The students will be awarded grades.


  Total 100 Marks

80 Marks (School Annual Exam for III -IX /Board Exam for Class X)

Student has to secure 33% marks out of 80 marks in each subject

20 Marks

( Internal Assessment )

Student has to secure 33 % marks out of overall 20 marks earmarked in each subject

Periodic Test

(10 marks)

Notebook Submission

(5 marks)

Subject Enrichment

(5 marks)

(i) (ii) (iii)
Language 1

School Annual Exam for III-IX /Board Exam for Class X will be conducted for 80 marks each in each subject covering 100% syllabus of the subject.

Marks and Grades will be awarded for Individual subjects.

Periodic written test , restricted to three in each subject in an academic year.

Average of the best two tests to be taken for final marks submission

This will cover:

  • Regularity
  • Assignment Completion
  • Neatness and upkeep of notebook

Speaking and listening skills


Language 2 & 3 Speaking and listening skills
Science Practical Lab Work
Maths Maths Lab practical
Social Science Map Work and Project Work
Note -IT(Information Technology) will be a optional subject
Grading System
GradeOut of 100
A1 91 - 100
A2 81 - 90
B1 71 - 80
B2 61-70
C1 51 - 60
C2 41 - 50
D 33 - 40
E Below 33

Scheme of Examination and Promotion


For classes XI and XII two unit test will be conducted in the academic year, one in each term and maximum marks of each paper/subject will be 50. In addition to these tests,there will be Half yearly exams in September and Annual exam/Pre-board exam in December/February respectively for classes XI and XII.



A minimum of 40% in aggregate and 40% subject wise is required for a child to be promoted to class XII,in all examinations


Streams & subjects offered in class XI
S.No.StreamCompulsory SubjectsOptional Subjects
1 Science PCM English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics Economics, Computer Science, Physical Education (any one)
2 Science PCBM English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology Mathematics, Physical Education, Psychology(any one)
3 Commerce English, Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies Mathematics, Physical Education, Computer Science, Psychology (any one)
4 Humanities English, History

Phy. Education, Political Science/ Economics, Psychology (any two),

Geography or Hindi (any one)

N.B.: Students who want to opt for 6th subject can take only Physical Education. Stream given will be based on the performance of the student as per CCE (All FA's and SA 1)


All project files and practical files to be submitted before the first pre - board in the month of December/February.