Primary Section

The Primary section of St. Thomas school aims in providing Quality Education. It lays the foundation of student knowledge. We create interest in the students by interacting with them through manner. The syllabus is planned in a way which integrate learning and knowledge.


The primary curriculum gives emphasis on learning and value based education through various subjects. Following subjects are covered in school

  1. English
  2. Mathematics
  3. Hindi
  4. Environmental studies
  5. Social science
  6. General science
  7. General knowledge
  8. Computer
  9. Art
  10. Music & dance
  11. Physical Education
  12. Moral Science

Computer Aided Learning Methods are used to make lesson interesting and concepts easier to understand. Computer, Art, General knowledge Physical Education form an integral part of the curriculum for the holistic development of our students.


  1. Activities are conducted at inter-school, inter-class and inter-house level.
  2. English/ Hindi Recitation
  3. Story telling / handwriting
  4. Declamation / debate / Paint brush
  5. Fancy Dress
  6. Solo singing
  7. Value based Education (Moral Science)

Value Education forms an integral part of education, preparing students for real life. Students learn in an open & informal environment. This is done through school curriculum.

The aim is to make the child a better human being and a good citizen of mother India. We aim to import values like honesty, truthfulness sincerity, etc. Regular school trips are organized. This helps to build a spirit of togetherness , inculcates team spirit and builds confidence among the children.