"Learning is not a race for Information instead it is a walk of Discovery"

The Pre-Primary wing of St. Thomas is a second home for the children. The first five years of life are vitally important in laying the foundation of character and personality. Special attention is paid to facilitate physical, emotional and intellectual growth of child.

The tiny tots are provided with daily opportunities to explore their environment, encouraged to ask questions, solve problems and express their thoughts and feelings. Children and their work are observed to assess their interests, strengths and needs. Means and methods are formulated for the all round development of our Young Learners in various fields such as:

  1. Performing Arts and Visual Arts
  2. Computer Skill: (for Prep only)
  3. Sports and Games
  4. Competitions & Shows Outings / Picnics

The best of Montessori Kindergarten, play-way method is adopted for the Pre-Primary school. Various programmes on self-impression are conducted as these students have their own way of improving their surroundings. Indoor activities and outings to various places like  parks are conducted to improve a child's over all personality, encourage participation and improve performance of a child in a positive manner.



Parents seeking admission for their children in nursery and prep should note the following:-

  1. Eligibility Criteria: For NURSERY: 3.5 years to 4.5 years ,For PREP: 4.5 years to 5.5 years.
  2. Registration Forms for nursery will be  available in month of August or September and Prep in the month of January.
  3. The Form of a child whose age is lesser than/more than above mentioned age, will not be accepted.
  4. Registration forms can be downloaded from the school website(
  5. Duly filled Registration Forms and relevant documents must be submitted at the School Reception.
  6. Original Birth Certificate obtained from the Municipal Corporation/Municipality/Panchayat should be presented at the time of interaction. (After verification, the Original certificate will be returned.)
  7. The names of short- listed candidates along with the intimation of dates for informal parental interaction will be displayed in the School website ( as well as on the school notice board .
  8. In case you fail to take admission on the date specified, the seat will be offered to the next candidate in the waiting list. No claim for admission will be entertained subsequently.
  9. Decision by the management will be final regarding Selection & Admission.
  10. Mere Registration does not guarantee admission.
  11. No recommendations will be entertained.

Documents to be submitted along with the Registration forms:

    1. Self attested copy of the Birth Certificate obtained from Corporation/Municipality/Panchayat. (Affidavit or Hospital Certificate will not be accepted.) Any change in Date of Birth on later stage will not be accepted.
    2. Family photograph ( Post card size ,combined one).Photograph clicked on any other occasion will not be entertained.
    3. Baptism Certificate & a letter from the Parish Priest. (For Christian Minority Students Only).
    4. Certified copy of BPL Card issued by the Magistrate. (for BPL Category only)
    5. SC/ST/OBC Certificate (if applicable) to be submitted.
    6. Affix recent passport size photographs of the candidate at the designated places on the form.
    7. Residence proof. (Rent Deed, Registration of the House, Electricity/Telephone Bill etc.)      

                   * Documents once submitted along with the registration from will not be returned.

Documents needed at the time of interaction:

  1. Medical Fitness Certificate of the candidate.
  2. Originals of all the documents will be verified at the time of interaction.



SUMMER (1st April - 31st October)
Sandalwood Shirt (Short Sleeve) Sandalwood Shirt (Short Sleeve)
Red Bib Shorts Red Bib Tunic
Bluish Grey Socks(Sandalwood Strips) Bluish Grey Socks(Sandalwood Strips)
Black Shoes (Velcro) Everyday Black Shoes (Velcro) Everyday
White Shoes (Velcro) On Wednesday White Shoes (Velcro) On Wednesday
WINTER (1st November - 31st March)
Sandal Wood Shirt (Full Sleeve) Sandal Wood Shirt (Full Sleeve)
Silver Grey Woollen Trousers Silver Grey Woollen Trousers
Woollen Socks (Grey Colour with Sandalwood Stripes) Woollen Socks (Grey Colour with Sandalwood Stripes)
Black Shoes (Velcro) Black Shoes (Velcro)
School Jacket (Red) School Jacket (Red)
Red "V" cut full and half sweater with Sandalwood strips Red "V" cut full and half sweater with Sandalwood strips

A pair of track suit is mandatory for classes Nursery and Prep


Summer: 8.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.
Winter: 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

Cycle Test Schedule For Nursery and Prep


25-02-2019 English
26-02-2019 Maths
27-02-2019 Hindi
28-02-2019 EVS
08-03-2019 GK and Drawing

Activities and Competitions

Session:-2019 - 20


Month Activity Competition

HandPrint  Activity in Drawing  File "Earth Day"                                

Fancy Dress Competition-"Earth Day"



Month Activity Competition
April/ May Thumb Impression Activity in Art File-"Earth Day" Fancy Dress Competition-"Earth Day"

Kinder Garten Competition Result 



Nursery-Vase Decoration Competition-20.02.19
Class Position Name of Student
Nur-A First Lavanya Sharma,Akshat Kumar
  Second Manas Rawat,Harshika Barwal
  Third Naga Sai Shrihan,Anvaya Soni,Shriyansh Mishra
  Cons. Satvik Agarwal,Pritesh Choudhary
Nur-B First Avighna Choudhary,Asdhvika Singh,Divyansh Panwar
  Second Advaita Pandey,Aarna Rajput,Devaansh Arora
  Third Vaisin Rathi,Kashvi Mehta
   Cons. Wara Fatima,Stuti Sharma,Ronak Yadav,Anvi Singh
Nur-C First Kovid Dixit ,Aaradhya Mishra
  Second Adya Acharya,Sharanya Jasu,Adyha Gupta
  Third Vaibhavi Upadhyay,Rudransh Sharma
  Cons. Aarohi Mittal,Rabya Sharma,Navya Mohan Verma
Nur-D First Ananya Saxena,Krishna Tyagi
  Second Yash Chaudhary,Shragvi Bindal,Mudiy Chaturvedi
  Third Kunjika Singh,Aaradhya Singh
  Cons. Praiyaksh Gandharv,Mrinank
Nur-E First Bhavye Kundrai,Aanya Singh
  Second Navya Patel,Prince Shivansh,Charvi Sharma
  Third Aarya Pandey,Aura Prashant
  Cons. Pawan Arora,Rishima Rathore


Prep-Vase Decoration Competition(20-02-19)
Class Position Name of Student
Prep-A First Priyal,Ritish Chauhan
  Second Pihu Sagar Chitranshan,Yash Bisht,Ayansh Kumar
  Third Advika Ratogi,Samarth Praksh,Aradhya Singh
  Cons. Kartik
Prep-B First Aadya Shukla,Aarav Gupta
  Second Keya Gupta,Akshat Sharma,Navya Chaudhary
  Third Anant Yash Vardhan,Kartik Kandpal,Md. Arham Naseem
  Cons. Spreha Pal,Medhavi Singh,Dishi Mehedi
Prep-C First Anika Jain
  Second Arjit,Ashvi,Siddhant Garg
  Third Sarthak ,Shaurya Abhi,Jeevika
  Cons. Navika Singh,Daivik Singh,Aarav Gusain
Prep-D First Aradhya Agarwal,Joslin Joseph,Aarav
  Second Abhigyan Konar,Shourya Gupta,Siddharth
  Third Yashvi Singh,Sankalp Anand,Harsh
  Cons. Mukund Dubey,Anaisha Sharma,Akshita
Prep-E First Anaya Dixit,Faiza Fatima Rizvi
  Second Aarav Agarwal ,Archit,Divyesh Sharma
  Third Naisha Kaber,Ridhvi Sharma,Tanishi Rai
  Cons. Siddhi Garg,Shivansh Rawat,Sanvi Kumari

Kinder Garten Competition Result 



Nursery-Winter Rhyme-18.12.18
Class Position Name of Student
Nur-A First Nayasa Thakur
  Second Parth Gupta
  Third Shanaya Agarwal
Nur-B First Aarna Rajput
  Second Kashvi Mehta,Devaansh Arora
  Third Rudransh Rawat
Nur-C First Sharanya Jasu
  Second Aaradhya Mishra,Meher Anand
  Third Avni Chaturvedi,Drishti Singh
  Cons. Navya Mohan Verma
Nur-D First Radhya Jain
  Second Yuvraj Kajla
  Third Ananya Saxena
  Cons. Vidita Rawat,Mudit Chaturvedi
Nur-E First Manan Singh
  Second Navya Patel


Prep-Winter Scene(19-12-18)
Class Position Name of Student
Prep-A First Aradhya Singh,Ananya Singh
  Second Advika Ratogi
  Third Mahira Hasan
  Cons. Heemank Bhardwaj,Ritisha Sharma,Aarav Gour
Prep-B First Navya Chaudhary
  Second Aarav Gupta
  Third Kartik Kanopal,Angel Mary
  Cons. Pehel Garg
Prep-C First Anika Jain
  Second Purnakshi ,Ishansh
  Third Anas,Jeenika
  Cons. Pehr
Prep-D First Adya Srivastav,Rudransh
  Second Abhigyan Konar,Sankalp Anand
  Third Aradhya Agarwal,Aarav Jha,Yashvi Singh
  Cons. Abhigya,Vanshika
Prep-E First Kasturi Roy,Imral
  Second Aditya Chauhan,Ananya Dixit
  Third Naisha Kaber,Ridhvi Sharma
  Cons. Kartikeya Pathak

Kinder Garten Competition Result 



Nursery-Group Dance(29.11.18)
Position Class
First Nursery D
Second Nursery C
Third Nursery B
Cons. Nursery A and E


Prep-Group Dance(30.11.18)
Position Class
First Prep E
Second Prep A and B
Third Prep D
Cons. Prep C

Kinder Garten Competition Result 



Nursery-Fancy Dress-26.10.18
Class Position Name of Student
Nur-A First Naga Sai Shrihan
  Second Nayasa Thakur
  Third Vivaan Tyagi,Parth Gupta
  Cons. Shanaya Agarwal,Pritesh Choudhary
Nur-B First Divyansh Rastogi
  Second Avighna Choudhary
  Third Advaita Pandey
  Cons. Devaansh Arora,Amreen Parween
Nur-C First Navya Mohan Verma
  Second Vihaan Rawat
  Third Aaradhya Mishra
  Cons. Rudransh Sharma,Harshit Sharma
Nur-D First Radhya Jain
  Second Krishna Tyagi
  Third Keshavi Prakash,Shragvi
  Cons. Ananya Saxena
Nur-E First Akshaya Singh,Aanya Singh
  Second Prinee Shriyansh,Aarya Pandey
  Third Hardik Singh
  Cons. Lakshaya,Navya Patel


Prep-Fancy Dress(25-10-18)
Class Position Name of Student
Prep-A First Aahan Sharma
  Second Advika Ratogi
  Third Aarav Gour,Vihaan Baliyan
  Cons. Mahira Hasan
Prep-B First Navya Chaudhary
  Second Saanvi Garg
  Third Anya Bhatt,Aadya Shukla
  Cons. Md. Arham Naseem
Prep-C First Shaurya Abhi
  Second Yuvraj Singh,Adhyansh
  Third Darsh,Aashvi
  Cons. Naman,Pehr
Prep-D First Rudransh
  Second Aradhya Agarwal
  Third Aarav Jha,Sankalp
  Cons. Mukund,Anaisha Sharma
Prep-E First Sai Krishna Sahu,Prakhar Aditya Singh
  Second Ovi
  Third Tanishi Rai,Saransh Rawat
  Cons. Kartikeya Pathak,Divyesh Sharma

Kinder Garten Competition Result 



Nursery-Matka Decoration-14.9.18
Class Position Name of Student
Nur-A First Aarna Khurana,Nagasai Shrihan
  Second Vivaan Tyagi
  Third Pritesh Choudhary
  Cons. -
  - -
Nur-B First Aadhvika Singh,Avighna Choudhary
  Second Mayank Bhakuni,Advaita Pandey
  Third Kashvi Mehta,Divyansh Rastogi
  Cons. Purvi Singh,Stuti Sharma
Nur-C First Vaibhavi Upadhyay ,Aaradhya Mishra
  Second Kavid Dixit ,Raghav Saxena,Drishti Singh
  Third Aarohi Saini
  Cons. Meher Anand
Nur-D First Prachi Raj,Shragvi Bindal
  Second Vidita Rawat,Agamjot Singh
  Third Aaradhya Singh,Saaransh Rastogi
  Cons. Kunjika Singh,Farhan Tanveer,Tanush Barnwal
Nur-E First Bhave Kundrai
  Second Navya Patel
  Third Anaya Singh
  Cons. Sarthak Rastogi,Trisha Goswami


Prep-Mukut Decoration(14-09-18)
Class Position Name of Student
Prep-A First Priyal Bindal
  Second Aamirah Arif
  Third Ananya Singh,Ritesh Chauhan,Aashman Gusain
  Cons. Tanishq Singh,Aarav Gour,Aradhya Singh
Prep-B First Jaismeet Sandhu,Angel Mary Deepak
  Second Adya Shukla ,Navya Choudhary
  Third Md. Arham Naseem,Tarusi Jha
  Cons. Aditya Rajput,Dishi Mehendiratta
Prep-C First Sanidhya Sexena,Rakshit Garg
  Second Shaurya Abhi,Arjit Bhardwai
  Third Adhyansh Rawat,Siddhant Garg
  Cons. Darsh Gupta,Vihaan Tyagi,Daivik Singh
Prep-D First Sankalp ,Aarav Jha,Abhigya
  Second Shourya Gupta
  Third Daksh Jadoan,Aradhya Agarwal
  Cons. -
Prep-E First Ananya Dixit,Ovi
  Second Pratishtha Rajvanshi,Siddhi Garg
  Third Aarav Agarwal
  Cons. Imral,Siddhi Verma,Kartikeya Pathak,Aradhya Rawat

Kinder Garten Competition Result 



Nursery-Colouring the National Flag-14.8.18
Class Position Name of Student
Nur-A First Saanvi Yadv,Drishti Singh
  Second Navya Mohan Verma
  Third Aarna Rastogi
  Cons. Aarohi Saini ,Swastik Suri
  - -
Nur-B First Divyansh Rastogi
  Second Aarna Rajput
  Third Amreen Parween
  Cons. Kashvi Mehta,Avighna Choudhary
Nur-C First Anvaya Soni
  Second Lavanya Sharma
  Third Namish Singh ,Vivaan Tyagi,Naga Sai Shrihan
  Cons. Pritesh
Nur-D First Radhya Jain,Prachi
  Second Yuvraj Kajai,Kunjika
  Third Vidita Rawat
  Cons. Mudit Chaturvedi,Shashwat Kumar
Nur-E First Mukund Gupta
  Second Ashwi Aggarwal
  Third Anaya Mehdi ,Aanya Singh
  Cons. Charvi Sharma,Uddhav Goel


Prep-Collage Making(14-08-18)
Class Position Name of Student
Prep-A First Heemank Bhardwaj,Priyal Bindal
  Second Aarav Gour
  Third Aanirah Arif
  Cons. Aahan Sharma,Kavya Arya
Prep-B First Dishi ,Daksh Saha
  Second Keya Gupta,Navya Choudhary
  Third Medhavi Singh,Aanya Bhatt
  Cons. Aadya Shukla,Tejasav Mehra
Prep-C First Shourya Abhi ,Ishansh
  Second Sanidhya Sexena
  Third Kartik Pandey
  Cons. Lokesh Waran
Prep-D First Abhigyan
  Second Mukund ,Devang
  Third Kartik ,Apaar
  Cons. -
Prep-E First Kartikeya Pathak
  Second Siddhi Verma,Tanishi Rai
  Third Kasturi Roy
  Cons. -

Kinder Garten Competition Result



Nursery-Hindi Recitation Competition ("My Mother" )-9.5.18
Class Position Name of Student
Nur-A First Shanaya Agarwal
  Second Vivaan Tyagi,Nayasa Thakur
  Third Satvik Agarwal
  Cons. Aashi Jain,Shriyansh Mishra
Nur-B First Advaita Panday,Divyansh Rastogi
  Second Advika Singh,Devaansh arora,Amreen Parween
  Third Rudransh Rawat
  Cons. Vatsin Rathi
Nur-C First Aarohi Mittal
  Second Aaradhya Mishra
  Third Sharanya Jasu
  Cons. Avni Chaturvedi
Nur-D First Ennyat
  Second Ananya Saxena
  Third Vidita Rawat,Shragvi Bindal,Aaradhya Singh
  Cons. Radha Jain
Nur-E First Aanya Singh
  Second Bhavye  Kundrai
  Third Yashasveer Dhanraaj
  Cons. Ashwariya ,Aarya Pandey,Uddhav Goel


Prep-Recitation Competition 
Class Position Name of Student
Prep-A First Advika Rastogi
  Second Priyal Bindal
  Third Aamirah Arif,Ritesh Chauhan
  Cons. Gaurisha Ahuja,Anshika Yadv,Ananya Singh
Prep-B First Aadya Shukla,Saanvi Garg
  Second Navya Chaudhary,Anvi Raghav
  Third Dishi Mehendiratta,Angel Mary
  Cons. Ansh Yadav,Akshat Sharma,Kartik Kandpal
Prep-C First Anas Siddiqui
  Second Purvakshi ,Danik
  Third Rakshit Aadya Singh
  Cons. Krishvi,Jeevika,Shourya
Prep-D First Aadhya Srivatav,Abhigya
  Second Eva Khan,Aniasha Shrama
  Third Mukund Dubey,Pranjali
  Cons. Devang Budhiraja,Aarav
Prep-E First Kartikeya Pathakl,Aarav Agarwal
  Second Aditya Chauhan
  Third Ovi,Aradhya Rawat,Vivaan Shreshtha
  Cons. Kasturi Roy,Ridhvi Sharma,Naisha Kabra

Kinder Garten Competition Result 



Nursery-Dress Up like a Summer Fruit -20.7.18
Class Position Name of Student
Nur-A First Shrihan ,Nayasa Thakur
  Second Riyanshi Gupta
  Third Namish Singh,Pritesh Choudhary
  Fourth Vivaan Tyagi
  Cons. Shanaya Agarwal
Nur-B First Divyansh Rastogi,Amreen Parween
  Second Avighna Choudhary
  Third Devaansh Arora
  Cons. Shubhang Baranwal,Rudransh Rawat
Nur-C First Sharanya Jasu,Aaradhya Mishra
  Second Navya Mohan Verma
  Third Vihaan Rawat,Harshit Sharma
  Cons. Pradumn Shukla,Adya Acharya,Vaibhavi Upadhyay,Drishti Singh
Nur-D First Ennayat
  Second Ananya Saxena,Vidita Rawat
  Third Ahaan Chhabra
  Cons. Aarna Tiwari,Aaradhya Singh,Shragvi Bindal
Nur-E First Aanya Singh
  Second Anaya Mehdi,Bhave kundrai
  Third Yashasveer Dhanraaj Singh,Navya Patel
  Cons. Garvit Meena


Prep-Friendship Band(20-07-18)
Class Position Name of Student
Prep-A First Aradhya Singh
  Second Aamirah Arif
  Third Vihaan Bliyan
  Cons. Saubhagya Prakesh,Amrit Raj
Prep-B First Angel Mary Binish
  Second Navya Chaudhary
  Third Medhavi Singh
  Cons. Saanvi Garg
Prep-C First Drishti Mittal
  Second Aadya Singh,Siddhant Garg
  Third Jeevika Mehta,Abheek Raj Jha
  Cons. Shourya Abhi,Daivik Singh
Prep-D First Sovali
  Second Sankalp Anand,Aniasha Shrama
  Third Mukund Dubey,Aarav
  Cons. Riddhi
Prep-E First Praishtha Rajvanshi,Ovi
  Second Sai Krishna Sahu,Imral
  Third Siddi Garg
  Cons. Aditya Chauhan,Ananya Dixit,Aradhya Rawat

Kindergarten-Special Assembly and Celebrations

Month Special Assembly and Events
February Lohri,Holi and graduation Day
January Republic Day
December Christmas
October Dussehra
September Janmashtami
August Independence Day(Prep-C),Onam(Prep-B)
July Vanmahotsav
April/May Mother' Day , Earth Day,Baisakhi

Inter-School Competition for the Kindergarten Wing :‘UTSAV 2018’

On 7th September, 2018, St Thomas School, Indirapuram hosted the Inter-School Competition for the Kindergarten Wing, by the name of ‘UTSAV 2018’. The theme of the day was “Eden”. Eden means Paradise and the school is a paradise for the children. The Chief Guest for the day was Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas, former Principal of St Thomas School, Indirapuram. The competitions were judged by eight eminent judges . 28 schools of Delhi & NCR actively participated.

The competitions were categorized as:

  1. Rhyme and Rhythm
  2. Object Talk
  3. Spin and Whirl
  4. Easel and Canvas.


In the competition Rhyme and Rhythm, Niscort Fr Agnel School, Vaishali bagged the First Prize. Indirapuram Public School, Indirapuram bagged the Second Prize and Amity School, Sec-6, Vasundhara bagged the Third Prize.

In the competition Object Talk, St Thomas School, Loni bagged the First Prize. St Francis School, Indirapuram bagged the Second Prize. Presidium, Indirapuram bagged the Third Prize.

In the competition Easel and Canvas, Modern School, Vaishali bagged the First Prize. Presidium Indirapuram bagged the Second Prize.St Thomas School, Sahibabad bagged the Third Prize.

The last competition was Spin and Whirl. Amity School, Sec-6, Vasundhara bagged the First Prize. Amity School, Sec-1, Vasundhara bagged the Second Prize. Sahaj International School, Indirapuram bagged the Third Prize.

This event was well organized and well executed.

Monthly Planners(2019-20)


Kindergarten Day-' RESURGENCE’

On 24th November, 2015, St Thomas School, Indirapuram celebrated ‘RESURGENCE’-The Kindergarten Annual Day. The Chief Guest of the day was Rev. Sr. Geeta, Principal, NISCORT Fr. Agnel School, Vaishali. The program started off with a Prayer Song from the tiny tots followed by the Musical play on Resurgence. The story of three tiger cubs who became bored of their Jungle and wanted to explore the City. It is about how the pollution surrounding the city helped them to understand the value of their natural habitat. In the last, the play ended with a message for us, the protectors of Mother Nature, to do our part for it. The occasion was graced by the Chairman, Rev. Fr. Saji Yohannan, Manager of St. Thomas School, Sahibabad, Fr. Saju Thomas, Principal, St Thomas Sahibabad, Mrs. Maneesha Joshi, members of the School Management, Principal, Mr. V.K.Kuriakose, Vice Principal, Mrs. Shali Nair, Head Mistress, Mrs. Rachel Reji and other dignitaries.

The stage was power packed with teeny-weeny giraffes, tigers, monkeys, peacocks, parrots, etc who were jumping with delight. Parents and grandparents overflowed with pride watching their children perform so beautifully. The audience was very encouraging.

Throughout the entire program, the talented children mesmerized everyone with their energetic and lively performance. The parents were deeply touched and moved watching their kids portraying each character deftly.