April and May Events

10-04-17                                                                            Drawing Competition-Spring Season                                                    Class III
PositionName of StudentClass
First Garima Sharma III-A
Second Sarthak III-E
Third Sana Jithesh III-A

20-04-17                                                                       Inter House Show and Tell Competition                                               Class IV and V
PositionHouseName of StudentClass
First Aravali Swasthi Shree ,Shrestha V-B,4-C
Second Nilgiri Manishika,Raghav Sharma V-A,4-D
  Vindhya Tanvi Jugran,Avantika Thakur V-D,4-A
Third Himalaya Siddharth Ojha,Shruti Bisth 4-A,5-D

01-05-17                                                                               English Handwriting Competition                                                        Class III
PositionName of StudentClass
First Prabhav Bhatt III-A
Second Avanee III-D
Third Ansh Bhatnagar III-C

05-05-17                                                                               Handicrafts using Waste Materials                                                        Class IV-V
ClassPositionName of StudentClass
IV First Ananya IV-A
  Second Sonakshi IV-B
  Third Arnav Tyagi IV-D
  Consolation Tapan(IV-A),Shivendra(IV-A),Steve(IV-B),Sejal(IV-B),Krishiv(IV-C),Drishti(IV-C),Daksh(IV-C),Anandi(IV-D),Archit(IV-D),Arnav Bansal(IV-E),Saanvi Sinha(IV-E),Ujjwal Gupta(IV-E)
V First Himani Singh V-B
  Second Vidhi V-C
  Third Shruti Bisht V-D
  Consolation Manishika(V-A),Divya Goswami(V-A) V-D,Jivisha(V-D),Gayatri(V-D),Lakshika(V-B),Dev Gaur(V-B),Priyanshi Mishra(V-C),Sanjh Sharma(V-C),Paras(V-E),Tarush(V-E),Aryan Verma(V-E),Arindam Harsh(V-A)

09-05-17                                                       Creating a Cartoon Character(Inter House Activity)                                                        Class III
PositionName of StudentClass
First Garima Sharma III-A
Second Trishna Singh III-D
Third Jamina III-B
Consolation III-A-Anay Sharma,Anushka,III-B-Aagam,Jenifer,III-C-Aditi Singh,Rudranshika,Priyanshi,III-D-Aarush Krishna Sharma,Manya P. Sajan,III-E-Lavanya,Ananya Singh,Devansh Arora

26-04-17                                         Inter House Debate Competition                                                                 class X

                                           The one nation one tax regime is expected to boost the Indian Economy                                                    

PositionClassHouse Name Of Student
Best Speaker(For) I0-E Nilgiri   Preksha Bisht
Best Speaker(Against) 10-A Himalaya   Ashin Biju
Best Interjector 10-A Vindhya   Shreya K Shaji


12-4-17                            Inter House Declamation Competition(Speech  By Swami Vivekanand or Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam)           Class VIII

PositionHouse Name Of Student
First Himalaya   Navya Raveendran and Manasvi
Second Aravali   Adarsh Agarwal
Third Nilgiri   Abhiruch Singh


06-04-17                                                       POSTER MAKING COMETITION                                                   Class VII
PositionClassHouseName Of Student
First VII-D Aravali Siddhi Tyagi


08-05-17                                                                English Extempore Competition                                                   Class XI
PositionName of StudentClass
First Sparsh Bhatia XI-B
Second Shreyaa Sharma XI-A
Third Alaska Mishra XI-E

12-05-17                                                     Inter House Dramatization Competition   (Shakespearean Play )                                     Class IX
PositionHouseName Of Students
First Aravali Amogh Rew,Ananya Upadhya,Shunhanshu,Tanya,Om Pandey,Aryan Jha,Neha Pandey,Jessin Thomas,Abhimanyu Jugran
Second Himalaya Aayush Joshi,Shwet Kamal,Zindagi Bisht,Sayan Chakraborty,Yashraj Singh,Yadyansini Acharya,Deepali Saren
Third Vindhya Apoorva Trivedi,Tanwi Ranjan,Rachit Gupta,Navya Mishra,Shashwat Srivastava,Sambhav Sharma,Akshat Agarwal

Annual Day

Annual Day means a formal or official social gathering organized yearly by the school. It's that one time in the year where most of us feel all is right in the world. Annual Day helps in exposing each student to both Indian and other world cultures. The annual day, apart from building bridges across cultures, also empowers the student community to cut across artificial divides of country and religion and gain a global perspective on world affairs.

Investiture Ceremony

"Each dawn brings new hopes and aspirations, challanges and promises, appointments and achivements."

A person is not born responsible,but becomes so by shouldering responsibility.Investiture ceremony signifies the same,when members of the newly constituted council take oath of office to own respnsibilities and carry out their duties with utmost sincerity and diligence.


Nativity is conducted beautifully before Christmas Holidays. Students of different classes participate with great enthusiasm.Christmas Carols, full of joy and exhilaration fill that day with Christmas cheer.Students perform , play, dances etc. depicting the importance of sharing and love. This program is incomplete without the presence of Santa Claus. Santa Claus comes riding on rain's sleigh. He brings toffies for the students.Students are filled up with joy.

Sports Day

"Sports teaches us that its good to compete, good to achieve, good to sweat, good to get dirty and tired and feel fit, fine and refreshed." Martina Navrahtilova

Keeping in mind the spirit of a true sportsman, the St. Thomas School organises Annual sports meet.The event is marked by a string of spectacular performances presented by the students.The athletic events are also held which includes track events and other events like sack race, three legged race, under the table, blow the balloon, dress up and run, etc. The athletes sprint their way around the track and left us all astounded with their prowess. The winners of the events were awarded with certificates, medals and trophies.

The school toppers of Class XII and CGPA 10 Achievers of Class X are also felicitated. Some teachers were also felicitated with the Best Teacher Award for their outstanding contribution rendered to the school.

Every year on sports meet or annual Day,to encourage the students St. Thomas management awards the scholarship of Rs 5000 each to four meritorious students of class X . This scholarship is awarded in the fond memory of our founder father,his grace Dr. Paulose Mar Gregorios.This is our way of expressing our gratitude to his garce Dr. Paulose Mar Gregorios for his contribution in making St. Thomas School what it is,today

Spell-O-Philo-The School spell smartly

Our school organizes "Spello 'O' Philo" , a fun filled Inter School spelling competition in memory of His Grace Job Mar Philoxenos (Former Metroplititan of Delhi diocese and Vice president of St. Thomas Schools).

Spell 'O' Philo is a modest tribute to His Grace Job Mar Philoxenos and a befitting platform for logophile i.e. WORD LOVERS . The importance of spelling has been questioned in recent years. Since it's an era of Facebook and What's App, where acronyms live, the very ideas of spelling seems to be waning away. At such a juncture we must not forget that learning to spell not only helps to cement the connection between spelling and reading comphrehension but also enables the learners to master basic language, Language competence beyond threshold level is certainly sheer pleasure and indulgence. Spell 'O' Philo is a novel contest for students that checks and also challenges their spelling proficiencies.

Spell 'O' Philo has a unique format and the process makes the entire contest quite engaging for the participants. The stage One or the Preliminary Round of the contest is a written test which screens all participants in the form of dictation. The winners move on to the Semi-Final Round which is a worksheet based round. Teams which get shortlisted for the Finals on the basis of their performance would compete for the coveted trophy  and the cash prize.

Winners get a a Rolling Trophy,cash prize of Rs. 10000 and Mementos.The Second Runner-up gets cash prize of Rs. 5000 and Mementos and the third Runner-up gets a cash prize of Rs 3000 and Mementos.

Indeed Spell 'O' Bound kindled a magnetic attraction towards language


St. Thomas School, Indirapuram has conducted Youth Parliament for the year on 31st August at 09.00 am. It was an event which saw the students participating enthusiastically from Classes IX to XII. The parliamentary procedure and the list of business in the Lok Sabha was mocked upto the utmost precision.

At the outset, the comperers started off welcoming the guests and everyone present. The Chief Guest was Mr. Amit Kumar, Bureau Chief (Hindustan Times). Later the Marshalls announced the arrival of the Speaker and the proceeding of the  House was started by Oath of affirmation taken by the newly elected M.P.s. This was  followed by the Speaker, the P.M. and the leader of opposition paying tributes to Dr. Abdul Kalam who departed as a part of obituary references. The house stood in silence for two minutes. After this, the question hour started and different ministers holding key portfolios were grilled on various areas of developmental activities in the country. Later, the adjournment motion was moved by leader of opposition Ms. Apoorva who moved the motion to discuss an important issue of the amendment of Juvenile Justice Act. The debate went on with both the treasury benches and opposition expressing their point of views. With the motion not getting  much approval, the house moved on to the list of business for that day i.e. the presenting of the Land Acquisition Bill 2015. Ms. Nargis, Minister for Rural and Urban Development presented the bill. The ruling party was bent upon moving the bill to the next reading, thus discussing it strongly. After the debate on it, the Speaker announced that the list of business for the day is done and that in the second reading clause-by-clause discussion would take place on the same.

The audience enjoyed the discussion, debates, counter debates, Sher- O-Shayaris in between the conversations.

The Chief Guest later on expressed his views and appreciated the maturity with which the students conducted themselves. He told that he sees a bright citizenship participation at the school level where in the students are educated and enlightened about things around them which makes them elect good leaders for the future.

This event was well organized and well executed.

UTSAV-Inter School Kindergarten Fest

St.Thomas School,Indirapuram hosts the inter school competition for the kindergarten wing every year. Students from classes Nursery and Prep from various NCR schools participate with full vigor and enthusiasm.

Special Assembly (2017 - 2018)

7th April World Health Day IX-D,E
18th April World Heritage Day X-A,B,C
18th April Easter IV
21st April World Earth Day VIII-A,B,C
27th April Child Labour Day V
4th May UN Global Road Safety Week IX-A,B,C
9th May World Red Cross Day VII-A,B
11th April Nurses Day III
12th May Mother' Day I
4th July St Thomas Day

School Council Members

11th July World Population Day VIII-D,E
14th July World Youth Skills Day X -D,E
17th July Friendship Day II
17th July Friendship Day II
28th July World Nature Conservation Day VII-C,D,E
4th August Raksha Bandhan II
9th August Nagasaki Day /Quit India Movement VI
17th August Janamashtami I
4th September Onam V
5th September Teachers day XII
3rd October Gandhi Jayanti VI- A,B
4th October World Animal Day I
10th October Grand Parents Day III
12th October National Day for Disaster Reduction X-D,E
15th October World Student's Day-Dr. Kalam Birthday VII
16th October Diwali IV
23rd October United Nations Day IX-A,B,C
2nd November Guru Nanak Dev Jayanti IV
10th November National Education Day XI-A,B,C
14th November Children's Day II
18th November United Nation Child Right Day VIII
18th December Human Rights Day IX-D,E
22nd December National Mathematics Day X-A,B,C
22nd December Nativity V
25th Jan Republic Day VI-C,D,E