Hard work, discipline and perseverance can be unambiguously attributed to the staff of St. Thomas School. The qualified team of passionate teachers relentlessly strives to upgrade themselves. A multitude of in-training programs along with workshops conducted by eminent subject experts gives them the leverage and equips them to strike an admirable balance between being a guide facilitator and friend indeed.


Kindergarten-who take a hand,open a mind and touch a heart


Mother Teacher-who engage minds,listen to questions and cultivate dreams


Department of Language-who inspires hope and ignite imagination


Department of Social Science,Commerce and Computers-who inspires hope and instill a love of learning



Department of Maths,Science and Psychology-who arouses the spirit of curiosity and trains Mind and Heart


Activity Teachers-who gives the wings of creativity that enables the world to fly farther and faster



Administrative Department-

The administrative staff at St. Thomas School navigate the financial waters with ease. They undertake finance related administrative tasks and maintain all school accounts.



The auxiliary staff of St. Thomas takes up the complex and varies task of the smooth functioning of the school and its facilities. As the eyes and ears of the school, it handles the day to day maintenance and upkeep of the institution.


Supporting Staff




Supporting Staff


Supporting Staff




Supporting Staff