Fee Regulation

  • The Tuition fee shall be submitted by Cheque/Online. Cash will not be accepted.
  • The fee shall be paid in four quarters - April to June, July to September, October to December and January to March.The fee for the 1st quarter shall be remitted on or before 20th of April, 2nd quarter: on before 20th July, 3rd quarter: on before 20th October and the last quarter: on or before 20th of January.
  • The fee after the due date will be accepted alongwith fine of Rs. 100/- per month. (including the running one month).
  • Fees by way of cheque can be dropped in the cheque Drop Boxes kept in the school between 7.30 a.m and 03.30 p.m. Clearing time 12.00 noon.
  • Outstation cheques/Post dated cheques will not be accepted. Any cheques dishonoured will be treated under category of non- payment of the fee and a fine of Rs. 350/- per cheque will be charged.
  • Fee can be deposited in advance for the whole academic year on or before 20th of April, by availing a discount of 5% on the Tution Fee only.
  • Annual charges should be paid along with the fee for the 1st Quarter.
  • A Student leaving the school will be issued the transfer certificate only when all dues including the running quarter's fee are cleared. In case of withdrawal of a student the security deposit alone will be refunded (only to the parents). (Those who leave the school in the 3rd Quarter ( beginning from October) are liable to pay the fees up to the month of March.
  • Fee defaulters of more than 2 instalments shall not be permitted to sit for exams and their name shall be struck off from the school enrolment and such students will have to seek re-admission.
  • Cheques duly crossed should be drawn in favour of:
    • St.Thomas Kindergarten for Nursery & Prep
    • St. Thomas School for Class I onwards
  • Fees once paid will not be refunded.
  • Those appearing for Board Exams should clear all dues (till March) by 20th of January.

NOTE: For further details please refer the Rules and Regulations given in the Fee Book.