The Bharat Scouts and Guides is the national Scouting and Guiding association of India. Scouting was started in St. Thomas School, Indirapuram in 2014 for class 6th students. At that time 140 plus students were enrolled in it. Now in 2018 we are still a part of it.

The Scout /Guide Movement in St. Thomas School is based on the following principles

      • DUTY TO GOD: 
        Adherence to spiritual principle, loyalty to the religion that expresses the acceptance of the duties resulting there from. 
      • DUTY TO OTHERS: 
        Loyalty to one's country in harmony of local and international peace, understanding, co-operation. 
        Participation in the development of society with recognition and respect for dignity of one's fellowmen and for the integrity of the natural world. 
      • DUTY TO SELF:
        Responsibility for the development of one’s self.

THE METHOD: The Scout /Guide Method is a system of progressive self-education through:- 

  • - A Promise and Law 
    - Learning by doing. 
    - Membership of small groups under adult leadership involving progressive discovery and acceptance of responsibility and training towards self -government directed towards the development of character, and the acquisition of competence, self-reliance, dependability and capacities to co-operate and to lead. 
    - Progressive and stimulating programmes of various activities based on the interest of the participants including games, useful skills and services to the community taking place largely in an outdoor setting in contact with nature.