On Visit to Sulabh International


Our Visit:


Class Xth students of St Thomas school went to visit Sulabh International on 23rd November 2018 as a part of their science project work. The students were welcomed to Sulabh campus by a group of very active and dedicated members of Sulabh International Social Service Organization. Sulabh International is an Indian based social service organization founded by Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak in 1970 to promote human right, environmental sanitation, non conventional sources of energy, waste management and social reform through education. It has been working for the removal of untouchability and social discrimination against human scavengers—a section of Indian society (looked down upon) to clean and carry human excreta manually.


Our Observation Report:


In Sulabh International’s premises, the company runs a museum dedicated to the history of sanitation and toilets. The museum established in 1992, has exhibits from 50 countries arranged sequentially in three sections of ancient, Medieval and Modern according to the period of sanitation artefacts collected from 300 BC till the end of 20th century. The museum’s exhibits bring out the development of the toilet related technology of the entire gamut of human history, social habits, etiquettes specific to the existing sanitary situation and the legal frame work in different periods. The items on display include Chamber pots, decorated Victorian toilet seats, toilet furniture and water closets in vogue since 1145 AD to till date. The display boards exhibit information related to toilet and its use.


Our students also saw the models of Sulabh technology based ‘Two-Pit-Pour-Flush Toilet, Public toilet based biogas plant, Dispensary and Sulabh water ATM providing cost effective clean water to the public. Students liked the kitchen running on fuel from the bio gas plant. They wondered to see some water free toilets including INCINOLET from USA.



It was a worth visit and students took away a lot of learning lessons not only for public sanitation but also for personal hygiene level.