Spell-O-Philo-The School spell smartly

Our school organize "Spello 'O' Philo", a fun filled Inter School spelling competition in memory of His Grace Job Mar Philoxenos (Former Metroplititan of Delhi diocese and Vice president of St. Thomas Schools).

Spell 'O' Philo is a modest tribute to His Grace Job Mar Philoxenos and a befitting platform for logophile i.e. WORD LOVERS . The importance of spellings has been questioned in recent years. Since it's an era of Facebook and What's App, where acronyms live, the very ideas of spelling seems to be waning away. At such a juncture we must not forget that learning to spell not only helps to cement the connection between spelling and reading comphrehension but also enables the learners to master basic language, Language competence beyond threshold level is certainly sheer pleasure and indulgence. Spell 'O' Philo is a unique contest for students that checks and also challenges their spelling proficiencies.

Spell 'O' Philo has a unique format and the process makes the entire contest quite engaging for the participants. The stage One or the Preliminary Round of the contest is a written test which screens all participants in the form of dictation. The winners move on to the semi-final round which is a worksheet based round. Teams which get shortlisted for the finals on the basis of their performance would compete for the coveted trophy and the cash prize.

Winners get a a rolling trophy,cash prized of Rs. 10000 and mementos.The Second runner gets cash prize of Rs. 5000 and mementos and the third runner gets a cash prize of Rs 3000 and mementos.

Indeed Spell 'O' Bound kindled a magnetic attraction towards language