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Xpressions - St. Thomas Newsletter

Xpression ,the newsletter of school  with two annual editions.It is a platform for the students to express and communicate their thoughts and feelings. It tries to bring out the dreams and aspirations of students, their expectations, their quest for knowledge and urge to excel.

"Xpression"  is a glowing tribute to all that's worth striving for in life: a genuine attempt at self -reflection and self -evaluation.

The Editorial Board frames a fine fabric which includes articles, poems, jokes and riddles.  It is a collection of student's  creativity and innovation which are woven together aesthetically.

From this session onwards, it is more age appropriate by bringing two separate Editors – Senior Edition for classes 6 to12 and Junior Edition ( yet to be released ) for classes Nur. to 5.                             

Newsletter-Xpressions 2017
Xpressions-Solution for Active Game Zone


"Bhavanjali" , the Annual School Magazine is a glimpse of an array of curricular and co-curricular activities which have kept the school arena alive ,bustling and brimming with adrenaline rush.It serves a fruitful purpose in weaving threads of imagination and creativity.

Morever it allows its readers to have a panoramic view of the kind of education we offer.It enables its readers to fall into fascination with the brightness ,sprite ,vigour , finesse and glory of Thomasanians.